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…and we are here to make it easy for people to receive great tasting,
hand-made food every day.
We started Bite in 2005, providing customers with conveniently packaged,
fresh sandwichs.
Since then, we have been making wholesome hot meals, salads, smoothies and healthy snacks and delivering them to offices and workplaces around the city.
Click on our menus and explore what we have to offer.
Good tasting natural food, speedy delivery and convenience are what Bite is all about.

The truth is, Bite’s quite simple. (it’s also unique) We use good ingredients. We create recipes that are straightforward and classic. We make and sell fresh food.
Lastly and most importantly our dedicated team, are the heart and soul of Bite.
If you know and love Bite, thank you.
If you’ve never eaten from us, please give us a try.


Our food is freshly prepared in our kitchen every day. “Made Today - Sold Today”

Food Safety

High food safety standards is our priority

Environmentally Conscious

We are committed to sourcing environmentally friendly packaging

Do Good

We contribute 5% of profits from Bite products to charitable work

Free Delivery

Delivery is free for central districts within the city

Order Online

Quick and customer friendly on-line ordering system


Hygienic, customer friendly packaging


Orders delivered directly to you office. Simply a “Lunch to your desk” service

  • Fresh and delicious fruits

    I ordered 4 fruit platter for our company's meeting this morning, the fruits is fresh, nice presentation. Your delivery staff was very enthusiastic. Thank you to the great team.

    Minh Hy
    Minh Hy
  • Thực đơn phong phú

    The choice of lunch is no longer an obsession. The menu is quite deversity and nice presentation, I will recomend your service to my friends

    Thùy Ly
    Thùy Ly
  • Great sandwiches

    Bite is great! I receive excellent meals, prepared by chefs and nutritionists certified right here in HCMc, delivered right to my office!. Tuna & sweetcorn sandwiches and Ceasar salad are my favorite dish.


The Bite team are the secret to our success. Their passion and hard work makes all the difference.
Creating great products is not simply just a job. It requires dedication and a lot of “heart and soul”.
Meet our fantastic bakers and delivery team.